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Do you believe that the COVID-19 was made as bio-weapon?
Many speculations are circulating in the midst of this pandemic that the COVID-19 was a bioweapon manufactured by the Chinese. Some speculations that the US Army brought the virus to Wuhan. It leaked -- like a genie out of a bottle -- from a lab in an accident.

Quote:“If you don’t try at anything, you can’t fail… it takes backbone to lead the life you want”
- Richard Yates, Male Ultracore Easy
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фтм ыхя внц пеб кюв шпц
Interesting thoughts for the day:
Male UltraCorre Amazon and 3d Scifi
? Sometimes I start
      doing an evaluation
      of my life.

? In one of those, I
      came across the
    story of
    Michael Shumacher.

? He was the winner of
    the Grand Prix in 1991.

? He was seven times
      world champion of
      Formula 1.

? Happiness was in his
      But in one fateful day
      his story and his
      destiny completely
      changed due to an
      accident ....

? Today, with just 44
      kilos of weight
      struggling to "survive"
      since December

? His wife begins to
      sell the goods to
      cover the expenses
      for keeping him alive,
      in an adapted room in
      their house, where he
      lies like a vegetable.

? Here I ask myself a

? Who is better than

? Life can take
      directions never

? It's amazing how
      everything can
      change in an

? No one is exempt
      from anything.

? And in such
      circumstances are
      they of any use?

? We are all the same!!

? Then why the pride?

? Why the arrogance?

? Why the

? Why so much
      attachments to
      material goods?

? Do you think your
      version is the
      absolute truth?

? All we have is TODAY.
      So that we can
      live it with passion,
      enjoy ourselves
      to the fullest, doing
      good, serving others
      and be full of joy.

? We need to STOP
      creating problems,
      claim insignificant
      things, and
      AVOID anything that
      "takes our lives".

? Be careful not to lose
      someone who loves
      you and accepts you
      as you are.

? As in the game of
      chess, in the end both
      the King and the
      Pawn are kept in the
      same box.

? It is worth examining
      what we have done.

? We are born without
      bringing anything ...
    we die without taking
    Absolutely nothing!

? And the sad thing is
      that in the interval
      between life and
      death, we fight for
      what we did not bring
      what we will not

? Think about that.
      Let's LIVE more, and
      let's LOVE more.
      Let's understand
      the other and be

? Finally I remind
      To be gracious,
      I need be kinder
      and become humbler.
And to strive towards what’s ETERNAL rather than the temporal.

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