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Surveillance capitalism can often make us feel that we're doomed. All of our actions are being recorded. Every click, each post, every time we visit each and every location. Companies and governments collect as much information as they can in order to monitor, exploit, and manipulate us. It's so bad! The data of individuals is being used to influence elections as well as to offer them products that feeds off their most underlying anxieties. This is only getting more complicated. In order to calculate the cost of insurance, insurers employ algorithms to look at your personal information. Through your internet activity companies track your level of education, your TV habits purchasing, the status of your marriage and family history, among a million other things. This means that the algorithm will likely identify you as a high-risk person for depression if you recently divorced or purchased plus-size clothes. Insurance companies might find it expensive to cover mental health services. They force you to pay more. It's such a blast. So what can we do to stop this? Everywhere we go it appears that everything we do adds to our data on the internet. We can't do much to do about it. Don't lose hope of your privacy for a while. You may feel as if you're losing the battle however, you have the chance to make a difference for yourself. It's impossible to completely get off the grid. But there are a few options you can take. Here are the three steps I followed to get there.

Step 1 Know the process of the collection of data
It is important to first be aware of the processes involved in data collection. At a very general level it is likely that everything you share online (private or not) can be tracked and stored. This includes all social media, emails, posts , as well as WhatsApp messages and browsing history. It's important to realize that any activity that you conduct on the internet can lead to data about your activities. The companies are getting more sophisticated in the ways they gather information about you.
Google is one such example. They have discovered new ways to access your information. Google Street View cars that travel around the world taking photos were found in secretly scanning WiFi networks in order to collect personal data in unencrypted communication. Google Glass wearable technology allows them access to private spaces. Google Home will always listen to what you have to say as long that the switch is turned on. Google's parent company Alphabet Inc. released Pokemon Go in the year 2016. The game was powered by the smartphone's camera as well as GPS. This allowed you to find Pokemon and also gave you access to private places that weren't otherwise accessible. Google might use Pokemon Go as an experiment to see if it is possible to manipulate people digitally to follow a certain route. These companies are sly and it's important to always be aware what data you could be giving to the internet every time you browse.

Step 2 Determine the method of tracking you
It is clear that data about you is being collected. But how do they get used?
Your entire digital footprint is being scrutinized by the five big players (Google, Facebook Apple, Microsoft, Microsoft and Amazon). The data they collect is gathered through social networks, email streaming, chat and gaming, browsing online, and even working. Five major players hold a monopoly over the market for data. This means that they are able to create data links. Facebook is the owner of Instagram, WhatsApp and its own social media platform. If you're using any of these platforms, it's simple to use Facebook to link your accounts together to create a single profile that incorporates all 3 sources of information. You will soon receive many data points from the storehouse if you sign in to Spotify and other accounts via Facebook. To stop your information from being made into a detailed profile of you, you need to cut the links between your data points. This means that you have to be able to separate your data usage so that connections aren't made. But that's easier said than accomplished. Some people take this very seriously and want to erase their digital footprints to make it as hard to be possible for their movements and actions to be monitored. This can include things like creating multiple online identities or using cash as a substitute for a credit card, and using various phones and emails for different objectives. This is difficult for most. This would mean that it will be nearly impossible to access your Facebook or Google accounts at this time.
What alternatives can you make instead of putting your trust in God?

Step 3: Make some tiny digital adjustments
"The people will be split between those who are more comfortable and those who are more private." --- Niels O. Finnemann
How much convenience will you give up for privacy? There's a good chance that you don't want to sacrifice so many things.
I will share with you a few simple, manageable steps that I've taken to regain some of my privacy. These steps are small enough to help to limit the data they gather and give you more freedom on the internet.

UniMe Crypto wallet Chat app The All-in-One Ecryption App
The app connects people to virtual assistants, enabling them to enhance efficiency for business as well as personal life. See crypto wallet payment. Unity from the UniWorld Ecosystem brought this app to you. (Follow Crypto wallet Chat app.)

DuckDuckGo -- A safer search engine
You can learn a lot from your internet searches. Your deepest thoughts, questions and private thoughts can be revealed by what you type into your search. It's one of the most effective ways to make private searches like web searching. DuckDuckGo provides similar results to Google's search engines. I like DuckDuckGo because it permits you to browse for items in private without fear of being traced. It also offers website encryption, which stops trackers.

Brave is a more secure web browser
Google can still track you if use the DuckDuckGo Chrome web browser. This is why it's essential to choose a browser with strong encryption and one that is able to block tracking. The strongest one to use is Tor however, it could require some adjusting and getting familiar with. Brave is my favorite browser. It's fast, secure safe, and best of the bunch. Brave is also available on Android as well as iOS which means you can download it there too.

Bromite is the safest Android-based browser.
This mobile browser is one of the most well-known. It also includes advertising blocker and enhanced privacy. Unfortunately it's only accessible on Android.

Telegram - A better mobile app for messaging
It's not easy to change your conversation to another mobile app. It involves inviting everyone to join you. The majority of people who use WhatsApp are hesitant to switch. Signal is the most suitable choice for security and privacy. However, it's not popular and the capabilities aren't enough to make users quit their existing apps.

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