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The general purpose and functions of sea-going bulk carriers

Many risks were present during the operation of seagoing bulk carriers. It is essential to plan your trip carefully and be cautious in all shipboard matters. This website is a quick reference to international shipping community with guidance and details on loading and discharging of various bulk cargo types . It is to remain within the limitations that are set by the classification society. It is vital to limit the risk of a ship's structural stress, and to comply with all safety standards necessary for safe sea travel. Our detail pages cover a variety of bulk carrier related topics which could be beneficial to those working onboard and those who working ashore at the terminal.

General characteristics of seagoing bulk carrier
Bulk carriers may be single deck vessels. They are equipped with top-side tanks and side tanks for hoppers. They are typically used in cargo areas. They are made to carry bulk bulk materials. Any material that is not gas or liquid, but is a solid bulk cargo, that is any material consisting of a mixture or granules, or any other material with a uniform composition. This material can be put directly into the cargo compartment of a vessel and does not require any containment. Examples of dry cargo include grain, sugar and bulk ore. The broadest definition of the word bulk carrier, any vessel built to carry bulk cargo (solid or liquid) in bulk could be considered bulk carriers. Tankers also fall within this category. In the normal context, the term is typically used to describe vessels that transport bulk loads of solid goods like grains and other agricultural commodities, as well as mineral items like coal ore, stone, or even coal for a few or one journeys. Peruse this bulk ship site for more.

[Image: img-bulkshipping.jpg]

What Is A Bulk-Carrier ?General Features Of Bulk Carriers Include:

"A ship which is intended primarily to carry dry cargo in bulk, including such types as ore carriers and combination carriers"

-Carrying capacities vary between 3,000 and 300,000.
The average speed is 12-15 knots
-Single deck ships, ie no tweendecks
Small to medium size bulk (carrying capacities of between 40 to 60,000 tonnes) typically have cargo handling gear. However larger vessels can make use of facilities on shore to load or unload.
Cargo holds are usually big and clear of obstructions. Large hatch sizes allow for easy loading/unloading.
The majority of bulk carriers have a ballast hold. It can be utilized during ballast voyages to improve stability. In case of ballasting partially the voyage, two or three additional holds could be permitted, but only in ports.
They are covered with single pull or hydraulic, or stacking (piggyback) style steel hatch covers
Ballast tanks of different types
Sloping topside wing tanks
Bottom side of wing tanks that are sloping
Double bottom tanks
Peak and post peak water tank.

Bulk solid cargo? Any material other than liquid or gas, consisting of a mixture of particles, granules , or any larger pieces of material, generally homogenous in composition and loaded straight into the cargo containers without any intermediary type of confinement. Cargoes transported by bulk carriers comprise "clean" food items as well as "dirty" minerals. They may react to each other as well as with contamination sources such water. This is why it is crucial to prepare the cargo spaces for the particular cargo. It is crucial to clean the cargo spaces in order to be able to load it. Surveyors are typically needed to confirm that the space is ready for loading. To prevent contamination, it's essential that all traces of previous cargoes have been removed. Damage to bulk cargoes occurs most often caused by water. The holds should be dry in order to accommodate cargo. However the hatch covers need to be watertight, or sealed if needed, to prevent water ingress. All fittings within the holds (pipe guards, cover for bilge, etc.) must be inspected. It is recommended to inspect each fitting in the hold (ladders,pipe guards, bilge covers...) to make sure that they are in good functioning order. The equipment could cause damage to conveyor belts, which can create delays. The ship may be held accountable if the conveyor belts are discharged in error with cargo. Have a look at this obo carrier site for more.

[Image: SUL-panamax-bulk-carrier.jpeg]

Bulk Carrier, Bulker Bulk Carrier, Bulker A vessel that is able to transport dry cargo. It is not intended to function as a liquid bulk tanker or carrier. The traditional bulk carrier is built with one deck and a single skin. Bulk carriers can carry bulk cargo of any kind that is light or heavy grain up to the maximum weight they can carry. It's not as simple or straightforward as you might think.

Gearless Bulk Carrier
A lot of bulk cargoes pose dangers and may be damaged throughout the journey. Improper loading could result in damage to the ship, e.g. There is a possibility for the ship to bow if not properly loaded. This is called stress? could lead to life-threatening situations at sea during severe weather. Additionally, the residues of earlier cargoes could be a significant threat to the future cargoes. Some bulk cargoes, such as cement power, are also susceptible to water damage. cement power. It can be difficult to verify the exact quantities of cargoes which have been loaded and removed. These elements can have severe consequences on how bulk cargoes are transported safely. Discharging bulk cargo using? bulk cargoes can form a cone if they are loaded onto conveyor belts. The angle of the cone, which is also known as the "angle for repose", varies with each cargo. Cargoes such as iron ore will form a steep angled cone, while cargoes that flow freely will form an angle that is less than. A cargo that is low in angle of repose is at risk of possibility of shifting during the passage. Bulldozers may need to be utilized for certain items to spread the load onto the sides of the holding when the cargo is near to completion. Most dry-bulk carriers need to utilize facilities at the shore to load cargo and discharge it. But some bulk carriers feature self-unloading options including conveyors under cargo holds or cranes that go up deck.

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