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Review Don Khat Listen, cover your ears, beware of ghost sounds!
[Image: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL212LzAvdWQv...QuanBn.jpg]

Spanish haunted house movie Regarding one family who moved to buy a mansion in the forest But they were hit by the house's mystery until they were restless.

Three parents, Daniel, Sara and Eric moved to a large old house. Although there were people circulating that this house had a mysterious voice that was impossible to find. When Daniel tried to renovate this house. His son Eric had nightmares and could not sleep. Daniel and Sara followed a psychiatrist to take care of the symptoms. Doctors concluded that Eric was probably unfamiliar with the new environment.

While the psychiatrist is driving to return She heard a strange whisper. After a while, her car broke down and struck a huge branch and her death horrific. Not long after, the spite of this house started to intensify. One night, Eric suddenly sleepwalked and turned into a corpse, lying face down in the pond in the garden of the house.


Eric's sudden death brings Sara's grief. After the funeral, her son was temporarily separated from her husband. Meanwhile, Daniel begins to hear strange sounds coming from the short-range radio he used to play with his son in his spare time. Until one day, the voice of his son asking for help. Made him decide to seek help from Jeman. Writer and supersonic surveyor To analyze the source of the mysterious sound, Heman and his daughter Ruth explore the house and face their horror.

In any case, Don Khae Listen is nothing new according to the haunted house movie recipe. Where the protagonist will have to face the mystery But with a Spanish European film that focuses on creating the atmosphere of the house is somber. The corners of the house that are even bright But can hide fear and deceive the audience at the right timing (Although most movies will choose a tung soaking technique on the audience)

The good thing is that the movie itself is quite concise and does not look brutal. Not so haunted There was an indifferent killing of the characters who saw who should die before they died later. But it answers the question of why this movie is a mystical story about "sound", not including the twists in the final episode, which can be considered a twist that does not betray the viewer and is quite surprised.

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